Controlling Migration

By Dr John Sydenham.

Migration has become a major issue in the twenty first century.  Although the population growth due to mass migration into the UK causes and exacerbates most of the serious problems in the country the discussion of this issue has been effectively banned by the media.

Migration to March 2020 was at near record levels:

The BBC News is using the current COVID affected estimates to announce that migration is at an all-time low without mentioning COVID restrictions.  Ofcom and the DCMS should stop this. See Office for National Statistics Migration Quarterly Report for the latest accurate figures.

Migration has two components: illegal and legal.

There are probably about one million illegal migrants resident in the UK so about 6% of migrants are illegal and this would equate to perhaps 40,000 people entering illegally per annum over the past few decades.   Illegal migration is serious because illegal migrants form a criminal underclass in society as a result of being excluded from normal methods of renting accommodation and gaining work.

Asylum seekers are different from illegal migrants because they have declared their entry.  About 35,000 people claim asylum annually and 20,000 of these are accepted.

The combination of asylum seekers and illegals means there are about 60,000 people who enter the UK without leave to enter who settle here every year.  This is less than 10% of the migration problem but still very serious.

Anyone who has been to countries in the Middle East and Africa knows that illegal migration has two causes: push and pull. Many migrants are pushed out of their countries by economic and political circumstances.  Migrants select the UK as a destination because of pull factors rather than push factors.  The first, and most important reason for selecting the UK as a destination rather than other countries is probably the BBC, especially BBC overseas services.  These give the impression that illegal migrants are welcome in the UK.

Migrants are sensitive to the sort of reception that they will receive.  When Angela Merkel announced that migrants were welcome in the EU there was a huge rush across the Mediterranean.  When the EU started using Article 2.2 of the Return Directive in earnest to send migrants back, held emergency asylum courts and began detaining illegal migrants indefinitely the flow across the Southern Mediterranean almost stopped:

Migrants find the EU to be racist.  Most illegal migrants at Calais tell tales of being hounded across the EU.  Once in Calais they are greeted by British NGOs who hand out tents and food and show them how wonderful life will be in the UK.  This has been noted by the French Interior Minister, Gerald Darmanin: "I will remind my British counterpart that the NGOs that prevent the police and the gendarmerie from working are largely British NGOs with British citizens who are on French soil".

The BBC is at the centre of the pull factor for migration.  Its editors and presenters are almost fanatically in favour of migration as this clip from Radio4 Today (25/11/2021) shows:

Of course, there are hundreds of millions of people in the world who might claim asylum in the UK, such as the entire population of Tibet and the Uyghurs, the minority populations of Central and South America and half of Africa and the Middle East. Yet the BBC would be happy for the country to be destroyed by population growth so that its presenters can appear to be "holy". This must be stopped - see UK Population Growth - but the UK government is afraid of the media.

As the National Broadcaster the BBC is believed by people overseas to be representative of UK attitudes. The reason for the BBC policy is discussed in  UK Population Growth.

Once migrants have got to Calais the French are happy to use migration to put pressure on the UK during fishing disputes etc.  There have been many pictures in the UK press showing French police giving their blessing to migrants taking small children to sea in flaccid dinghies as this photo from the "Metro" (25/11/2021) shows:

Clearly the French police are being asked to "turn a blind eye".

Migration is due to three main factors: conflict in the Middle East, Global Warming and economic migration.  The Middle East conflicts have led to large population movements out of Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan etc. The UN has identified global warming as a key driver of migration both now and in the future and it is estimated that between 2008 and 2016 over twenty one million people were displaced by Climate Change.  In the UK the main source of immigrants is economic migration although in the past year illegal migration to the UK has increased and may rise to be another major source of migrants.  Economic migration tends to occur through established channels and is encouraged by governments, both Labour and Conservative.

Economic migration is the principal source of UK population growth.  There are two, major routes into the UK.  The first is authorised migration for family or work and the second is to come to the UK as a student and stay. 

The government issued 255,776 student study visas in year ending June 2020.  There are 1.88 million full time students in the UK of which, according to the universities, 480,000 (25%) came from overseas despite about 750,000 study visas being issued (during the 3 years of a course).  32%  of academic staff (140,000) were not British. Overall about 30% of students remain in the UK.

The NHS employs 190,000 foreign staff and 30.7% of NHS doctors are from overseas.  The lack of UK born doctors in the NHS is due to poor management, even prior to COVID about 20% of NHS doctors were actively considering emigrating. (See The State of Medical Education and Practice in the UK. )

These figures mean that just counting students and the annual intake of NHS workers and university staff a minimum of about 100,000 to 120,000 people are directly imported into the UK each year by the government itself.

In 2019 only 185,465 work visas, were issued to migrants despite there being over 700,000 immigrants.  If students are excluded this suggests that about 300,000 people were allowed entry for non-work reasons.

The primary sources of migrants were as follows:

The figures above are from the International Passenger Survey and only include the top 15 sources (for instance there are over 100,000 Somalis in the UK but these did not make the list) but the figures give an idea of proportions.

Most of the migration problem in the UK is authorised entry, encouraged by Government. Mass migration is being used to subsidize corporations by providing free access to UK social, educational and health facilities for imported staff (see Population Growth), it is being used to finance higher education through foreign student revenue and being used to paper over the appalling management in the NHS. 

Migration is an extremely serious problem for the UK.  It is damaging almost every aspect of life here because of population growth.  If global warming becomes more serious we will face a tidal wave of migrants and have little capacity to resist or endure the results. 

How do we control migration?

The most important control will be to replace the right of workers to settle in the UK with strictly enforced work permits.  Corporations cannot expect the general population to subsidise their labour force with free healthcare, universal benefits etc. for foreign families, especially when this denies opportunities for UK born applicants and lowers wages. We should not be permanently swapping precious space in this land for transient corporate profits.  If the migration crisis is to be tackled the government must stop acting as Lord and Lady bountiful, offering all of the facilities that have been built up by taxpayers and the people of this country as perks for foreign workers.  This is damaging almost every aspect of life here because of population growth.

Of almost equal importance is to ensure that Universities do not need to operate as migration businesses, they should have adequate funding to provide a good quality of education without income from foreign students. The possibility of remaining in the UK is a major draw for 30% of students, we should not be permanently swapping precious space in this land to keep universities solvent.  A quota of no more than 10% foreign students should be set. Student visas should be strictly enforced and applications for work in the UK only permitted from the home country of the student.

The NHS is also a migration business because it is so badly managed. Over the past 40 years almost all benefits for doctors and nurses such as well funded social facilities, free accommodation and even free parking have been withdrawn.  Shift patterns that are injurious to health and social life are normal.  The NHS has adopted a hostile approach of dividing and ruling staff by rotating them around a region. Conditions are so bad that staff leave the NHS as fast as they can be hired.  Staff retention and training must become priorities so that the NHS can use UK staff.

Institute of Fiscal Studies. UK Health and Social Care Spending
Notice that the second column combines population growth and demographic changes.

We should pity foreign medical staff who come to the UK with no idea what the NHS has in store for them.

When 60% of the increased spending by the NHS annually is due to population growth as a result of migration it is extraordinary that the NHS should be a major migration business.

Illegal migration is a serious problem because it creates a large reservoir of people with no legal status in this country whose only option is crime (working, renting etc. as an illegal are criminal activities).  Asylum seeking is also a problem because, being surrounded by "safe countries" there is no reason for any asylum seeker to come from the EU to the UK.  Asylum seekers crossing the Channel implies that we are being used as a dumping ground for problems in the EU.  The EU model for Mediterranean migrants should be established here with an extra-territorial detention facility for illegal entrants to the UK. Those held should be subject to a rapid asylum assessment procedure and those who fail denied right of appeal for five years and given the choice between returning home or detention.  Asylum must not be allowed to be the source of an asylum industry for the legal profession.  A few hundred acres of Kent might be declared "extra territorial".  It is also important to stop the BBC from broadcasting a welcome for all migrants to the UK.  This is probably more important in the long term than all other measures.

The migration pressure on the UK is only going to increase and will assuredly destroy our landscape, prosperity, safety, public services and the peace of this country if it is allowed to continue. (see Population Growth)

The BBC, and other UK broadcasters, have suppressed coverage of the negative effects of migration fueled population growth and emphasised that it is important to keep wages down and vacancies filled with a steady flow of immigrants. The truth is that population growth is partly responsible for almost all of the ills confronting the UK from sewage spills to high rents- see UK Population Growth.  It is ironic that young adults in the UK cannot find anywhere affordable to live yet agitate against border controls because they are unaware of what is happening.


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