Historic Maps

By Steve

In the past few years some excellent sources for old and interesting maps in the UK have been added to the Internet.

The National Library of Scotland Georeferenced Map Explorer is amazing.  It has OS maps from the 1873 25 inch to the mile onwards to 1970 1:10,560.  It also has several type of LIDAR images.

Historic England has now mounted much of their historic monument catalogue online as a Map Explorer.  This even includes some filled in bomb craters.

Tithe maps

The National Library of Wales has put tithe maps for most of Wales online.

In England some tithe maps are available online from local authorities.

  East SussexDevon, Oxfordshire,

For others search Google, although a lot of counties have farmed out their digitised maps to commercial sites such as the Genealogist. Also see below for county viewers.

Other County Maps

Dorset has an advanced county map online with infra red aerial photography amongst many other features.

Cornwall has a map viewer for the county that includes historic mines etc.

Somerset Heritage

Know Your Place West of England has provided the following historical map viewers that go down to tithe map level and include 1946 aerial photography:

Bath and North East Somerset 




North Somerset 


South Gloucestershire


Aerial Photos

Britain from above

National Collection of Aerial Photography although many images are not yet digitised.

Cambridge Air Photos and  Cambridge University Digital Library

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