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Pre-Raphaelite art

Pre-Raphaelite Art

The Pre-Raphaelites were symbolists who took realism to a level that had not been seen before. The founders of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood were Millais, Hunt and Rossetti.
Cafe Wall illusion

Brexit: The True Story

The true history of Brexit from the foundation of the EU to why the UK left it. How Remain almost won the EU Referendum and the possibility of rejoining the EU..
Cafe Wall illusion

The Nature of Reality.

A phenomenal account of our Experience and consciousness. This first part describes the meaning of visual and auditory illusions. Not to be missed.
Scots independence poll

The Future of the UK

What will the UK look like in 10 years time? Will Northern Ireland and Scotland vote to leave? The opinion polls and constituency changes suggest NI will leave.
In praise of trade

In Praise of Trade

Starting a small business is a daring and skillful venture. Although sixty percent of employment is in small and medium sized enterprises our broadcasters and teachers ignore trade as something vaguely dirty and beneath them. Why?
Currentaccount deficit

UK EU Trade Negotiations

There is a very large balance of payments current account deficit with the EU of £119 billion in 2019. This deficit is dangerous for the long term health of the UK economy and suggestions are made for any trade deal with the EU
Military Director of Wuhan Institute

Essential COVID19 Information

COVID19 has been with us for all of 2020. This article explains the current restrictions then explores how such a large outbreak occurred in the UK, how the virus was released, and perhaps created in China, and the hopes for a vaccine.
Anglo-Saxon art

The Mysteries of British History

The idea that the Britons were wiped out by the Anglo-Saxons is taught in schools but is it true? Were the Normans not just invaders but cultural revolutionaries?
Google logo

Google Shadow Banning

The "Great Barrington Declaration" is a declaration by some scientists that argues for opening up the economy as a priority during the COVID19 pandemic.  I was shocked to discover that Google is shadow banning the Great Barrington Declaration, they are decreasing its visibility on searches and increasing the visibility of articles that oppose it.
Wild mammals

Earthshot Prizes

David Attenborough and Prince William have just announced the Earthshot Prizes of £1 million each, five times a year. Who should get them?